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Ellen Birath

Chez Youtube
C Jam Blues - Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra
Shufflin & Rollin' - Buddy Johnson
Art Blakey and the jazz messengers - Moanin
Ella Fitzgerald - Solid as a rock
Sophia Loren - "You Wanna Be Americano"
Fred Buscaglione "Buonasera Signorina"
Rita Hayworth "Sway Dancing"
Dean Martin - "Buona Sera"
                   Just A Closer Walk With Thee
     Alabama  C'est beau , envoutant, I recommand...
     Joshua Stewart & the Bourbon street stompers - live in Spain, Teulada 2013
     Johnny Cash
     Kid Ory's creole band
     New Orleans Stompers. Retrouvez la trompétiste des "Tuba Skinny"
     Stephanie Trick    - La version boogie...
     New Orleans Rascals "Just a Closer Walk with Thee"
    Un arrangement. "Take My Hand Precious Lord" - Jazz Hounds Quartet
     Wynton Marsalis Eric Clapton. + Un sobre solo de batterie mais de grande qualité.

JAMBALAYA à toutes les sauces.
Toutes les sauces si vous voyez ce dont je veux parler, mais du jambalaya bien sur.
     Jambalaya - New Orleans Stompers
     Harry Connick Jr     "Jambalaya On The Bayou" (1939) - + la préparation d'un jambalaya
     Chris Barber     "Jambalaya" - 1986 - Auteur : Hank Williams (Ma version préférée. Soft jazzy...)

     Clip     "Americano"
     The Money Talks     "Clip" ça groove comme j'aime
     Bobby Goldsboro     "I'm a Little Mixed Up" -
     Angela Brown    "Let The Back Door Hit You" - Live from Juleblues 2015
    (Mind the harmonica...Sehnheiser recommandé...)

BOOGIE WOOGIE: Jay McShann - Milt Buckner - Joe Turner - Sammy Price - Lloyd Glenn - Willie Mabon
    Nell’ordine: Pinetop’s Boogie Woogie - 3:38 - Honky Tonk Train Blues
Boogie-Woogie: Tommy Dorsey, Bob Crosby, Harry James.
     Albert AMMONS     "YOU NEVER CAN TELL (C'EST LA VIE)"" - (1993)
     Albert AMMONS     "Boogie woogie stomp" - Boogie
     Alabama                 "Just A Closer Walk With Thee" (Live) C'est beau , envoutant, I recommand...
     Jean-Pierre Amouroux     "Boogie Woogie Improvisations" - **
     Andrews Sisters     "Bei mir bist du Schoen" -
     Richard Anthony     "Et Je m'en vais" - (1963)
     Richard Anthony     "Ca serait beau" -
     Andrews Sisters     "Medley" - Réussi pendant 13 minutes. Have fun
     Acker Bilk     "Creole Jazz" -
     Acker Bilk     "Ramblin' Rose" - Nostalgie quand tu nous tient...
     Acker Bilk     "La Paloma" - Un standard (Remember...)
                         Pour vous rincer les oreilles... (Seinheiser conseillé...)
     Acker Bilk     "Buona sera" - Old version (énergique néammoins...) ****
     Acker Bilk     "Sentimental journey" - ****
     Acker Bilk     "BLUEBERRY HILL" -

     Barney Bigard     "C jam blues"
     Barney Bigard     "Creole Love Call" - On écoute religieusement...
     Alain Barrière      "Tu t'en vas" - Nostalgie quand tu nous tient...
     Benny Goodman     "Jingle Bells" -
     J-P Bertrand     "Central Avenue Breakdown" - En live
     J-P Bertrand, G. Chevaucherie, D. Desbois    "Swanee River" -
     J-P Bertrand     "Strange Cargo" -
     J-P Bertrand     "Swanee River" -
     Jean-Pierre BERTRAND     "Medley" - Charbo's Boogie 2017
     Billy Riley         "Down By The Riverside" -
     Bob Crosby      "Honky Tonk Train " -
    Aka “Honky Tonk Train Blues,” the famous boogie-woogie piano number had been introduced
    in 1927 by its composer Meade “Lux” Lewis
     Boogie best of     "2 HOURS of Boogie Piano and Piano Boogie Woogie"
     Boots Randolph     "Yakety sax" - Remember "Benny Hill"
     Big Joe Turner   & Axel Zwingenberger  "St Louis Blues" - Boogie... *****
     Big Joe Turner     "Corrina corrina" -
     Big Joe Turner     "I Hear You Knockin'" -
     Harry Belafonte     "Day-O" -
     Harry Belafonte     "Playlist" -
     Billy May & His Orchestra     "T'Ain't What You Do" -
     Billy Briggs       "Chew Tobacco Rag No.2" -
     Billy Briggs       "Chew Tobacco" - ***
     Bobby Darin    "Mack the Knife" -
     Bobby Darin    "Mack the Knife" - ***
     Johnny Bond     "Mean Mama Boogie" - Harmonica...
     Bobby "Mr Blues" Merrel     "I ain't mad at you" -
     Brenda Lee     "Bring Me Sunshine"- 1969
     Brenda Lee     "   "-
     Brian Setzer Orchestra     "Jump Jive An' Wail"-
     Buddy Guy     "Sweet Home Chicago"- La, c'est du lourd
     Angela Brown     "Let The Back Door Hit You" - Live from Juleblues 2015
     Bruce Springsteen     "You Never Can Tell " - Scenic indeed...
     Michael Buble     "Buena sera" -
     Teddy Buckner     "Martinique" - ***
     Bull Moose Jackson     "Nosey Joe" -
     Buddy Greco     "Roses of Picardy"
     Buddy Greco     "Around the World"
     Buddy Banks     "Happy Home Blues"
     Buster Smith     "Buster Smith" - Ca swing comme j'aime (Listen claps...Thank you mister Buster Smith) ****
     Buster Smith     "Slim and Slam" -
     Buster Smith     "E flat Boogie" -

     Carl Mann          "Blueberry Hill" -
     La Carl & The Rhythm All Stars Drunk But Thirsty - rock dansant
     La Johnny Cash I will rock & roll with you.wmv
     Adriano Celentano     "Buona sera Signorina" -
     Harry Connick Jr     "Jambalaya On The Bayou" (1939) - + la préparation d'un jambalaya

     Charly Walker     "Honky Tonk Song " -
     Charly Parker     "Tiny's tempo " -
     Chick Webb        "The Dipsy Doodle" - Le fameux tranky doo
     Chubby Checker     "The twist"
     CJ Chenier         "Bogalousa boogie"
     Clifton Chenier       "Jambalaya"
     Chris Barber     "Jambalaya" - 1986 - Auteur : Hank Williams (Ma version préférée. Soft jazzy...)
        The band plays Jambalaya with a New Orleans style feel.
        Here you can hear that the Barber Band always was influenced by the Wilber de Paris Band
     Chris Barber     "Hiawatha rag"
     Chris Barber     "When the saints" 2005
     Chris Barber     "Eh! la bas" 2005
     Chris Barber     "Isle of Capri" 1994
     Chris Barber     "Ice Cream Down By The Riverside "
     Chris Barber     "It's Tight Like that" - (Balboa)
     Chris Barber     "The Martinique"
     Chris Barber     "Just a closer walk with thee"
     Chuck Berry     "You never can tell" - "Pulp fiction"
     Chuck Berry     "You never can tell" - "No Particular Place To Go"
     Chuck Berry     "You never can tell" - "C'est la vie (1972) Live"
     Cindy Walker     "When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again" - 1944 (Nostalgie quand tu nous tiens...)
     Cielito lindo       "Canta Dolores" - Un défilé de forts jolies toilettes
     The Clark Sisters     "Boogie Woogie"
     The Clip     "Money Talks"
     Count Basie       "Count's Organ Blues " - BlB
     Count Basie       "Alright,Okay,You Win " - Singer: Joe Williams
     The Musique Country     "Une découverte de Alain"
     Count Basie       "Shout and feel it" -
     Creole Jazz Serenaders     "Short Dress Gal" - *** (Banjos...)
     Clifton Chenier     "Jambalaya" - C'est la fète au village
     Dana Gillespie     "Snatch & Grab It" -
     Dana Gillespie     "Chou Chou Che Boogie" -
     Dana Gillespie     "Horizontal Boogie " - ***
     Dana Gillespie     "Come On" -
Live performance from B.P.Club in Zagreb - On drums the wonderful Sabine Pyrker...Au piano Joachim Palden
     Danny Rockabilly     "Clan-Dirty Baby" -
     Dave Brubeck     "Take five" -
     Dave Brubeck     "Unsquare Dance" -
     Dean Martin      "Une série avec Franck Sinatra" -
     Dean Martin      " " -
     Dean Martin      " Thirty More Miles To San Diego " -
     Dean Martin & Conway Twitty      " My First Country Song" -
     Debbie Reynolds       "Am I That Easy to Forget?" - (1959) - Bon, on se calme...
     The DEEP HENDERSON    - Le Grand Jazz de la Rue Sigisbert - Février 2014 - *** Nancyjazzhot
     The Michel Delpech    Les divorcés
     The Dinah Shore    "Shoo Fly Pie And Apple Pan Dowdy"
     Sacha DISTEL    "Oh quelle nuit !"
     Sacha DISTEL & Eliana Pitman    "The girl from Ipanema"
     The Domestic Bumblebees     "Ain't It A Shame" -
     Django    "Echoes of France" - "La marseillaise" version Django
     Ella Fitzgerald           "Solid as a rock" -
     ELMORE JAMES     "Look on yonder wall" - Blues
     ELMORE JAMES     "Every Day I Have the Blues " - Blues
     Elvis Presley             "All shook up" -
     Elvis Presley              "Twist(1964 - viva las vegas)" -
     Emmy lou Harris      "You never can tell" - C'est la vie
     Emmy Lou and the rhythm boys    "Knock Out Girl" - Scenic...
     Ernst van t´Hoff     "In The Mood" - (Berlin, 1941)
     Erskine Hawkins    "Tuxedo Junction" -
     Erskine Hawkins     "Tuxedo Junction" - Partant pour un shim sham ?
       Musik fur dich - Berlin 1941
     Erroll Garner     "Back Home Again In Indiana"
     Everly Brothers - Bye Bye Love (their original hit version) 1957
     BYE BYE LOVE - The Everly Brothers (subtitulado)
     Fats Domino    "Jingle Bells" -
     Fats Domino    "The Red-Nosed Reindeer" - Rudolph
     Fats Domino    "Frosty The Snowman" - Rudolph
     Fats Waller     "Yacht Club Swing" -
     Firehouse Five Plus Two    "Yes Sir, Thats My Baby" -
     Five in Love With Betty     "I'm Not Satisfied with Five" -
     Five In Love With Betty     "Dressed To Swing" -
     The Fontaine Sisters    "Take A Step" - (Rythmique originale)
     The Fontaine Sisters    "Love Like A Fool"
     The Fontaine Sisters    "DADDY O" - (1956 DOT RECORDS)
     The Fontaine Sisters    "Seventeen" (1955)
     Fletcher Henderson     "Sugar Foot Stomp" -
     Frankie Lymon     "Little Bitty Pretty One" -
     The Five Blazers     "Chicago Boogie " -
     Gavin Povey     au "Balajo"
     Gavin Povey     au "Live In London"
     Gavin Povey     au "Portsmouth 3rd Nov 2016 "
     Gavin Povey     "Hook Line & Sinker" - ***
     Gavin Povey     "Hook Line" -
     Gavin Povey     "Portsmouth" - 3 Nov 2016
     Gavin Povey     "Alexander's Chester" - 2016
     Gavin Povey     "Live in London" - 09.11.2016
     Gene Krupa     "Drum Boogie" -
     Gene Krupa     "Sing, sing, sing" - & Lionel Hampton (1971)
     Glenn Miller     "In the mood" -
     Glenn Miller     "In the mood" - [HQ]
     Glenn Miller     "In the mood" - Et les Mills Brother 1941
     Glenn Miller     "Chattanooga Choo Choo" -
     Bobby Goldsboro     "I'm a Little Mixed Up" -
     Gordon Webster    "I like pie" - & Naomi Uyama, Steven Mitchel,...
     Gordon Webster    "I like pie" - & Naomi Uyama, Steven Mitchel,...
     Gordon Webster    "When I get low, I get high" -
     Greek Orchestra Emmetron     "Zorba The Greek " - vidéo (Un petit tour du coté de Athènes, et FS SvP..)
     Rocco Granata     "Buena sera" - Greg Martin     "Sunshine Boogie" - Ca groove comme j'aime...
Jean-Jacques MILTEAU
     Hakan Ehn     "Sweet Home Chicago" - Blues Harmonica
     Hakan Ehn     "Rockabilly Boogie Harmonica" -
     Harry James and his Orchestra     "Get Happy" -
     Françoise Hardy     "La maison où j'ai grandi" - Nostalgie
     Françoise Hardy     "Tous les garcons et les filles" -
     Haydn     "Symphony No 88 4th mov" - Bernstein Wiener Philarmonie
     Erskine Hawkins     "Tuxedo Junction" -
     Honey Bee Trio      - Boogie Woogie
     Johnny Horton     "Cherokee Boogie" - Hé! Ho! lina + et les demoiselles de Evergreen
     John Lee Hooker Carlos Santana, Etta James     "Full concert" - Ca groove comme j'aime
     Jackson Sloan     "Kickin' Up The Dust" - ****
     Jackson Sloan     "Kickin' Up The Dust" - Vintage Roots Festival 2014
     Jackson Sloan    "Who Shot Shorty Down?"" -
     The Jallies     à Messac 2014
     Janis Siegel       "Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen " -
     Jazz collectors    "In the mood" -
     Jerry Lee Lewis     "Little Queenie" - 1983
     Jerry Lee Lewis     "Whole lotta shakin" - 1983
     Jerry Lee Lewis     "If I'm going to hell, I'm going there playing the piano" -
     Jerry Lee Lewis     "Boogie Woogie Country Man" -
     Jerry Reed     "I've Had Enough" -
     Jerry Reed     "Rockin´ In Bagdad" - ***
     Jerry Reed     "I'm Stuck" - Four Fathers **
                Slow and crooner...
     Jim Reeves     "Am I That Easy to Forget?" - (1959) - Bon, on se calme... (Crooner...)
     Jim Reeves     "I won't forget you" - (1959) - Pour réviser votre anglais... ***
     Jim Reeves     "Distant drums" - (1959) - Révons un peu...
     Jim Reeves     "Adios amigo" - (1959) - Joliment langoureux...
     Jimmie Lunceford    "Organ Grinder's Swing"
     Jimmie Lunceford     "Tain't What You Do " - Le fameux shim sham qui aura fait le tour du monde.
     Jimmy Evans     "The Joint's Really Jumpin'" -
     The Jodimars     " flip flop and fly " 50's demo issued in 1992
     The Jodimars     " Natural Ditty"
     John Lee Hooker     "Blues Boogie Jam" - Avec Carlos Santana and Etta James
     The Jive Aces     "Hey Boy! Hey Girl" (Et Rebecca en grande forme...)
     The Jive Aces     "King of Jive"
     The Jive Aces     "Nothing's Too Good For My Baby" (Et Rebecca en grande forme...)
     The Jive Aces     & The Satin Dollz "Beat Me Daddy eight to the bar"
     The Jive Aces     plus Satin Dollz - "Bring Me Sunshine"
     The Jive Aces     "Lovin' Life" -
     The The Jodimars     "Clarabella" - (1956)
     The The Jodimars     "Natural Ditty" -
     JOE TURNER     "Boogie Woogie Country Girl" -
     Johnny Cash       "I will rock & roll with you" - Four Fathers
     Johnny Cash       "Just A Closer Walk With Thee" -
     Johnny Cash       "Best Of"
     Jonathan Stout Orchestra     "Jumpin' at the Woodside" & "The King" - Nick Williams sur la piste
     John Lee "Sonny Boy" Williamson     "Shake the boogie" -
     Johnny Jano Havin     "A whole lotta fun" - Four Fathers
     Joshua Stewart & The Bourbon Street Stompers     AJust a closer walk with thee" - live in Spain, Teulada 2013
     Julia Lee       "You Ain't Got It No More" - (VintageMusic.es)
     Jumpin'up    "Boom boom shake" - Four Fathers
     Jambalaya    Yin yue tai
     Jambalaya     Accompagnement orchestral discutable...Heureusement, chanteuse scénique....
     KENNY PARCHMAN     "Feel like rockin" - Rockabilly [r]
     KERMIT RUFFINS        "Skokiaan" -
     KERMIT RUFFINS        "Tennessee Zip " - Rockabilly
     Kid Ory, Red Allen        "Tuxedo Junction" -
     Kid Ory and his ochestra        "Just A Closer Walk With Thee " - ****
     Kid Ory,...        "Creole song " - ***
     Kid Ory,...        " Shake That Thing " - ***
     Kid ORY        Kid Ory: Creole Jazz 1944/45
     Kid ORY        Just A Closer Walk With Thee
     Kid ORY        Tin Roof Blues
     Kid ORY        Muskrat Ramble
     Kid ORY        The Best of Kid Ory
     Kid ORY        Creole love call
     Mark Knopfler     "Rock N' Roll Ruby" -
     Diana Krall           "A little mixed Up" -
     LADYVA     "Tryin' to get to you " -
     LADYVA     "8 to the bar" -
     LADYVA     "Fur Elise" -
     LADYVA     "Honky Tonk Train Blues " -
     Ladyva & Alain Boog with Band        "Boogie Woogie Stomp " - Boogie
     LAZY LESTER     "Rooster blues" -
     LAZY LESTER     "I'm a man" - Harmonica
     George LEWIS     "St Louis Blues" -
     George LEWIS     "Tiger Rag" -
     LOLA AMECHE    "Rock the joint" -
     Albert lee & The Refreshments    "I`m ready" -
     Larks-Hey    "Little girl" -
     Larks-Hey    "Shadrack" -
     Larks-Hey    "Coffee Cigarettes And Tears" -
     Larry Clinton        "Dipsy Doodle" -
     Lenny Dee        "Organ celebrities" - Hamond organ
     Louis Jordan     "Choo Choo Ch'boogie"
     Lionel Hampton     "Lavender Coffin" -
     Lionel Hampton     "Sheik Of Araby " -
     Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra     "C Jam Blues" - Four Fathers
     Jimmie Lunceford    "Posin" -
     Little Esther     " T'Ain't Whatcha Say" -
     Louis Armstrong     "Skokiaan" - Musique sud africaine
Louis Armstrong, trumpet, vocal; Omer Simeon, soprano saxophone; Charlie Shavers, Taft Jordan, Abdul Salaam [William Chiefie Scott], trumpets;
Al Cobbs Elmer Crumley, Paul Seiden, trombone; Barney Bigard, clarinet; Dave Martin, piano;
Danny Barker, banjo; Arvell Shaw, bass;
     Louis ARMSTRONG     "Skokiaan" - Swing swing swing **** (Pour une vraie danse swing...)
     LOUELLA     " Boogie" -
     Joe Hill LOUIS     "Hydramatic Woman" -
     The Mavericks - Matchbox     "Rockabilly" - ***
     Manu Dibango     "Cerisiers roses et pommiers blancs" -
     Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson     "Okie from muskogee" - Country ***
     Merle Haggard     "My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again" - ****
     McGuire Sisters     "Muskrat Ramble" -
     McKinney's Cotton Pickers     "It's Tight Like That" -
     JD McPherson     "Abigail Blue" - ça groove sévère
     Magic Slim & The Teardrops    "Black tornado" - (Blues)
     Marc Laferrière    "Un peu de batterie" - Avec Simon Mery, Nadine Mery, Léa Mery à Laroquebrou
     Memphis Slim           "St. Louis Boogie" -
     Micke Muster           "Boogie Woogie Country Girl" -
     Micke Muster           "Boogie Woogie Country Girl" -
     Frank Michael       "Italia For Ever" & "Garde Moi La Derniere Danse" 2014
     Lucky MILLINDER       "CHEW TOBACCO RAG ~ 1951" -
     Lucky MILLINDER     "APOLLO JUMP" 1941
     Mitchell Torok     "Lost on Los Olas" - Hootchy Hootchy Henry 78RPM ABBOTT (Country / Tahiti)
     Frank Michael     "Toutes les femmes sont belles 2006" -
     Frank Michael     "Italia For Ever & Garde Moi La Derniere Danse 2014" -
     Mojo Blues Band     "Accordion Boogie" -
     Mojo Blues Band     "got my mojo working " -
     Mojo Blues Band     "Harmonica Boogie" - ***
     Mojo Blues Band     "'Papa wants to knock a Jug'" -
     Mojo Blues Band     "Where Did You Go Last Night" - Harmonica,... ****
     Mojo Blues Band     "Papa Tree Top Boogie" -
     Mojo Blues Band     "Chicago Is Callin'" - Le style propre à Chicago
                     (La ville de Obama)
     Mojo Blues Band     "Shake That Boogie " -

     Moon Mullican     "Moon's Rock" - ***
     Muppet show     "Le batteur fou" - Fever **
     Muppet show     "Mana mana" -
     Nancy Sinatra     "These Boots Are Made for Walkin" -
     Naomi & Her Handsome Devils     "I Know How To Do It" ***
     Ondrej Havelka    "Beale Street Blues" - *****
     Ondrej Havelka    "You Tell Her, I Stutter" - Charleston
     Osacar McLollie     "Dig That Crazy Santa Claus" -
     Boogie Otis Spann - Spann's Boogie

     Danny Owens     "You're A Little Too Late " - Ca groove...
     Pat Wayne with The Beachcombers    "Jambalaya (On The Bayou)" -
    Plutot enlevé voire énergique. Un bon choix dans les photos des deux roues...
    Vous pourrez aussi vous amuser à relever une coquille dans la pochette du disque. On ne suuffle pas...
     Pee Wee King     "Plantation Boogie" - (1955)
     Pee Wee King     "Chew Tobacco Rag " - (1955)
     Pablo Bertran Ruiz     "Quien sera" -
     Preservation Hall Jazz Band     "Shake That Thing" - ****
     CARL PERKINS     Pink pedal pushers - SUN 1957... BCD 15494
     Perez Prado     Skokiaan
     Perez Prado     Skokiaan - Mambo Fever
     Perry Como     Chez DEEZER
     Charles Pierce
     Pinetop boogie     
     The Platters    Sixteen tons - & avec les paroles . Une basse qui doit descendre sous les 16 hertz
     Elvis Presley     "It's Now Or Never (1960)" - Le seul blanc à chanter comme un noir
     Preservation Hall Jazz Band     "Short Dressed Gal"
     Preservation Hall Jazz Band     "Eh! la bas" - latin jazz ****
     Preservation Hall Jazz Band     "Short Dressed Gal" - NYC - 05/26/2011
     Queen Ida     "Jambalya" - Dans le plus pur esprit country
     Ray Anthony       "Anthony's Boogie" - (1950)
     Red Norvo        "Lady Be good" - Balboa
     ROY BROWN    " Boogie at midnight" -
     ROBERTO DELGADO     " die bouzouki klingt" - + Les enfants du Pirée +...
     ROBERTO DELGADO     "Amapola" - blb
     ROBERTO DELGADO     "The mosquito" - blb
     ROBERTO DELGADO     "Mama Inez" - ****
     ROBERTO DELGADO     "Amapola"
     Nicolle ROCHELLE     "Baby what you want me to do" -
     Roma Pierre     "I'm a Little Mixed Up" -
     Roy Brown       "Rockin' At Midnight" - 1945
     Rosemary Clooney     "SWAY" - Pour reviser votre anglais...
     Ruby Turner     "This Train" - ****
     Ruth Brown     "Jack O' Diamonds" -
     Ruth Brown     "Sweet Baby of Mine" -
D McPherson - "Abigail Blue" (Live @ 2013 Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion)
Parfaitement rythmé et groovy comme j'aime bien.

Chez Youtube
     Sammy Price      "Boogie Woogie Soul Train" -
     Sammy Price      "King Boogie" - Un boogie tranquille
     Mort Schuman      "Un été de porcelaine" -
     Silvan Zingg       "Boogie Night" - Chur 2017 (full concert Part 2) - Vocal dances and drum (40 minutes avec Silvan Zingg et Ladyva)
     Silvan ZINGG & Ladyva     - Blues & Boogie Reunion 2017
     Sticks McGhee     "Six to eight" -
     Sleepy Labeef     "Boogie woogie country man " -
     Stephanie Trick      "JUST A CLOSER WALK" -
     Stephanie Trick      "JUST A CLOSER WALK" - Stephanie Trick & Paolo Alderighi at the 2014 San Diego Jazzfest
     Stephanie Trick     "Just a Closer Walk With Thee" -
     Stompy Jones     "Mondino" - Chez FB
     Steve Lucky & the Rhumba Bums     "Come out swingin" -
     Slim and Slam       "Flat Foot Floogie" -
     Slim and Slam       "Jump session" -
     Mort-Shuman       "Un été de porcelaine"
     Sweet Emma         "Lost on Los Olas" - **** Sweetemma
     Sweet Emma         "Chicago boogie" - Du bon lindy en prime
     Sweet Emma         "Home sweet home" -
     Tami Neilson     "Honey Girl" - ***
     Tennessee Ernie Ford     "Blackberry Boogie" - 1952
     TJ Fowler     "TJ Boogie" -
     Todd Rhodes Orch     "Gin, Gin, Gin" - 1951
     Tommy Dorsey     "Dipsy Doodle" -
     Tommy Dorsey     "Dipsy Doodle" - 02
     Sing sing dans Santorin
     Tuba Skinny     "Going Back Home" - On Royal St.
     Tuba Skinny     "Jackson Stomp" - On Royal St.
     Randy Travis       "Just A Closer Walk With Thee" -
     Stephanie Trick     "Just A Closer Walk With Thee" - La version boogie...
     Just a Closer Walk With Thee - Stephanie Trick & Paolo Alderighi at the 2014 San Diego Jazzfest
     Vivaldi     "Four Seasons" -
     Vince Giordano     "Shake That Thing" - (Charleston)
     Webb Pierce      "Honky Tonk Song" - 1964 Version
     Willie Nelson     "Bring Me Sunshine" - Une version à découvrir
     Wynonie Harris     "All She Wants To Do Is Rock " -
     Woody Herman     "Woodchoppers Ball" -
     Roy Wright        "I've Got It" -
     Yank Rachell     "Tappin' That Thing" -
     Axel Zwingenberger     "Brush'n Up Boogie"

Kansas city - Balboa 1 2 3 4 - Geoff Bull
Swing dance
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwlEgdEMk5Y&list=OLAK5uy_nZ0GWxg9PbmcBRs03zmRxliACgWQRvrkg&index=2 ***

     Christmas songs . Un " Jingle bells" de Fats Domino fort sympa...
     C'est si bon Les chansons de gran'pa avec textes SVP (Un clic sur fermer)
     My SPACE
     Tuxedo Junction     - Jazz swing music (Playlist)
     Maintenant, on revise son anglais    - "Bring Me Sunshine"
     Gone Hepsville    "Lotsa Rhythm" -

    Undecided - Chick Webb (Ella Fitzgerald, vocal) 1939
    Two O’Clock Jump - Harry James (original commercial version) 1939
    Simon & Garfunkel with Everly Brothers "Bye Bye Love" (New York 2003)
    Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel - Old Friends Tour Special Guests:
Don and Phil Everly (Everly Brothers) Madison Square Garden, New York 2003
    I´M SORRY - Brenda Lee (subtitulado)